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Therapist, Attendant's Guide

「」is a sharing platform where anyone can register as a massage therapist.

Therapist starts working with being granted ID from manager.

Prostitute is prohibited. Therapist's eligibility may be suspended if there is a claim from a customer or a third party. If you have any uncomfortable requests from customers, please contact the manager or ( immediately.

We prefer the following services to ensure top search impressions.
Hand/toenail care, Thai massage, Ventosa cupping massage, Scalp care, Body scrub, 10 years more experienced export therapist.
Application Submission adress:Please click [Apply Here] ↗ and send the following application form and the regional manager will contact you.

Submission:3 photos within the last 6 months (full body photo, front photo, side photo), ID photo, Facebook address, work area, and introduction to the massage experience.

Therapist Preparation:email, phone number, smartphone and SNS (messenger, viber, line, kakao talk, etc.), goods for service, and transportation that can be easily reached by customers.

【Apply Here】↗

When the customer's reservation comes, the reservation will be sent to the Therapist and manager's email, mobile phone SMS or SNS networking, and the corresponding working hours will be automatically blocked.

In the reservation details, the customer's phone number, SNS contact information are displayed, so please contact the customer directly or the manager will let the therapist inform it.

If the therapist needs to change reservation for unavoidable reasons, please contact the manager.