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Dry type massage:Dry massage, Thai massage, Face or Leg massage, Chiropractic, Swedich

Oil type massage:Oil massage, Ventosa(Cupping) massage, Aroma masaage

Full type massage:Body Scrub(exfoliating) massage, Total(Vietnam Type) massage

- Ventosa /Cupping massage:After the cupping procedure (30 minutes) which is good for blood circulation, finish with oil massage. 60 minutes-120 minutes ※ Generally therapist use pneumatic cupping device.

- Body Scrub /Exfoliating Massage:Generally, it consists of 30 minutes of exfoliating (shower facility required) + 30~ 60 minutes of dry or oil massage. One or two therapists will accompany to serve you. ※ Normally use a body scrub shampoo.

- Total massage(Vietnam Type):Nail / toenail care (manicure, pedicure), ear cleaning, face care (mask pack). Scalp massage, whole body oil・dry massage / 90 ~120 minutes

- Combo : You can apply for two or more massages with a time limit of 90 minutes more. (Dry, Oil, Face, Foot, Cupping Ventosa, Body Scrub, Hand nail/Toenail Care.

Skin & Care

Face care(K-beauty) : Cleansing pad → Toner & Skin →Essence, Serum, Ampoule → Lotion & Emulsion → Moisture Cream & Nourishing Cream & Whitening Cream

Neil care:manicure, pedicure. Hand nail & Toenail

Tattoo & Wax

Eyebrow tattoo

Body tattoo


- Eyebrow Threading
- Face
- Underarms
- Arms
- Chest
- Back
- Bikini
- Brazilian
- Half Legs
- Full Legs
- Full Body