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1.「」is a Sharing Platform that specializes in various massages, Wax&tattoos, beauty, and skin care. You can find shops or therapists around.
If you want to do business with us, please contact us( 「Partners Guide」↗

2. Reservation methods vary by therapist.

2-1. Reservation only without payment
2-2. Only the deposit is paid when booking, and the rest is paid directly to the therapist. Payment must be made in the local currency.
2-3. Pay all service fees at the time of reservation.

You can continue your order which isn't paid yet on 「My page」or「order」menu.

3. After making a reservation, [Re-confirm] button will be activated, and you can chat directly with the therapist in charge.

Order process

1. Select the service type, region and reservation date.

2. Select a listed therapist and click [Booking] button, and you can review the details of service, optional services, and available time.

3. After final review of the reservation, click [Next]. Each service has the following payment methods: 3-1. Reservation without deposit.
3-2. Pay deposit only. And the balance is paid at the time of service.
3-3. Pay in full at the time of reservation

4. Click [Order] button to complete the reservation.
If you ordered by GUEST, please check your order number in E-Mail.

5. After making a reservation, the [Re-confirm] button will be activated, so please re-confirm your reservation through chat.


Reservation payment type
① Bank transfer (Philippines, Thai, Japan, Korea Banks acceptable)
If you pay by bank transfer, you can only make a reservation after 12 hours, and be sure to contact the manager after completing the remittance.
- Korean Won:한국씨티은행(Citi bank)
- Japanes Yen(銀行振込):PayPay 銀行
- Philippine Peso:East West Bank
- Thailand:East West Bank

Credit card, Debit Card (VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB)
Alipay・WeChat Pay・TenPay of China
④ LinePay, 7Pay, PayPay of Japan
⑤ GCash of Philippines (09771879483)
⑦ SNS linked payment of Korean Card(VISA, Master, JCB, and Korean BC-Card)



1. 100% refund of payment amount

- Cancellation before service confirmation or product delivery:100% refund.
- If there is a clear negligence on our system or the local host:100% refund.
- In case of no-show by the local host,:100% refund.
- For house rental, cancellation 7 days prior to check-in:100% refund .

2. 50% refund of house-rental and house option payment

- In case of house rental, cancellation of reservation 7 days before check-in to before check-in date:50% refund.
- Remaining period of stay after check-in at the house-rental:50% refund of remaining days of stay (cancellation after 12:00 pm local time counts as one day)
- Waiver of the remaining period after check-in at the house-rental:50% refund of the remaining days (cancellation after 12:00 pm local time is counted as one day)