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  • 세부공항 도착

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  • 담당 가이드가 고객님이 게이트에서 나오시기 전에 공항에 대기합니다. 단독차량으로 숙소으로 이동하여 채크인까지 도와드려요!
  • 세부공항 도착

  • Price :
  • 3,000 ₱(PHP) 
  • Qty :


【Payment type】

  • * Most services are reserved without payment.
  • * To confirm the reservation, you must chat with the manager in charge in [Order history] or [My page] or [Chat] activated button in the email.
  • * Some services require advance payment. We accept bank deposit, credit (check) card payment, Alipay, Wechat Pay, etc.


  • 1. 100% refund of payment amount
  • - Cancellation before delivery:100% refund.
  • - If there is a clear negligence on our system or the local host:100% refund.
  • - In case of no-show by the local host,:100% refund.
  • - For house rental, cancellation 7 days prior to check-in:100% refund .

  • 2. 50% refund of house-rental and house option payments
  • - In case of house rental, cancellation of reservation 6 days before check-in to before check-in date:50% refund.
  • - Remaining period of stay after check-in at the house-rental:50% refund of remaining days of stay (cancellation after 12:00 pm local time counts as one day)
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